What folks have to say about Whole Armor Martial Arts

My time at this school has been priceless. I’ve learned respect, responsibility, honor, and hard work. This school helps you grow spiritually, physically, and mentally.


Other than my parents, WAMA and Sensei Hagelganz continue to be the most positive influence in my life. I’ve been training for nearly 16 years with Whole Armor Martial Arts and wouldn’t dream of trading that investment for anything.


I’ve been a part of this miracle and so have my three sons for more years than I can remember. I wouldn’t miss this life altering experience for anything!


I’m always coming back from class having improved what I already know or learned something new. Plus class is just a lot of fun!


Whole Armor Martial Arts. There’s nothing like it! My husband has been taking class for almost a year. He has learned a new level of respect, wisdom, humility, and strength. True and authentic Martial Arts, like it is meant to be, with a biblical foundation. What more could you ask for?!


My experience at this school has provided not only excellent training, but life lessons that have made an impact in every area of my life. Thank you, Whole Armor, for your commitment to integrity, quality training and investing in the lives of your students.


My son and I train together, and we are just a two of many examples of the excellent family atmosphere that Whole Armor provides. The physical aspects and practicality of the traditional Japanese Karate taught here is a perfect blend for self-defense, confidence building and self-discipline. The fact that this is a Christian school only serves to make our experience a better one as I am proud to use the curriculum here to reinforce the life lessons I am trying to instill in my 14 year old son. If ever you were interested in beginning in the martial arts, I can say you will not be disappointed at Whole Armor.


If you want a school that teaches you how to defend yourself practically and how to actually understand the concepts behind quality techniques that work with the primary goal to build God’s kingdom and to bring glory to His name with humble discipline in an atmosphere that fosters not only a display of, but also a genuine heart for respect, courtesy, and self-control, then you have found the right place!