Promotion Exam 11/14/17






Congratulations to the follow students who earned new ranks last night! We’re very proud of each one!!

Manon Dunham – 2
Pete Muller – 5
Jim Lingeman – 6
Kyle Frazier – 6
Jason Kerr – 7
Grant Clark – 7
Kyla Muller – 8
Sydney Muller – 8
Lucas Bollman – 8
Hudson Wallace – 8
Jace Muller – 8
Taylor Lingemen – 9
Gracie Clark – 9
Bryan Bollman – 9
Brian Bechtold – 9
Sarah Barnes – 9
Mark Forstrom – 9
Amy Forstrom – 9
Drew Forstrom – 9
Alex Forstrom – 9

Mighty River Classic tournament!

Once a year we put on our “tournament hats” and compete in the Mighty River Classic tournament hosted by Sifu Rick Cropper and his school. This year we were blessed to have 5 of our Black Belts asked to serve as designated Center Referees, a position of great responsibility and honor. Sensei’s Andrew Colson, Tim Merriam, Mike Zumstein, Tammi Neblock and Tom Ruhe all spent their day working hard to make the tournament safe and run very smoothly. (and they did a terrific job too!) You can see some photos posted on our Facebook page here. And here’s one I just couldn’t resist posting  🙂


New Black Belts!!












That’s right – last night on 8/1/14 Chuck Kerr and Janey Hume passed their Exam for Shodan – 1st Degree Black Belt!! Congratulations – we’re all very proud of your accomplishment!

Congratulations again!








Congratulations to the following students who tested last night on 8/1/14 and earned their new ranks!

Olivia O’Dell – 1
Timothy Hurley – 2
David Owings – 3
Joshua Potts – 6
Jacob Jenkins – 7
Kyle Frazier – 7
Sean O’Banion – 7
Matthew Peterson – 9
Grant Clark – 9

Great job everyone!!!

Congratulations Thursday Exam!







The following students passed their Exam for new rank on 7/21/14

Ian Melhorn – 2
Jonathan Miller – 2
Elisabeth LaFayette – 3
Roger Lanier – 4
Aaron Pesacreta – 4
Aaron Spatz – 5
Jesse Noelck – 5
Alyssa Elliot – 7
Peter vonderLuft – 7
Greta vonderLuft – 7
Mason Cunningham – 8
Micah Kent – 8
Kyle Armstrong – 9
Drew Armstrong – 9
Jacob Sparks – 9

Well done everyone!! Congratulations!!

Stay tuned….  still much more to come!









We’re excited to announce that the following students passed their Exam for new ranks on 7/28/14:

Jim Wilkins-Luton – 2
Trey Wilkins-Luton – 2
Raissa Karlsen – 2
Andrew Carson – 2
Gregg Chastain – 3
Ryan Owings – 3
Emily Zumstein – 5
Madeleine Olson – 7
Kyla Muller – 9
Sydney Muller – 9


Stay tuned- much more to come……

Whole Armor Martial Arts Ministry at Liberty Bible Church

Liberty1 We had a great evening of martial arts ministry at Liberty Bible Church tonight for their SLYM youth group! Sensei’s Colson, Merriam, Ruhe, Schober and Quarto did a terrific job demonstrating several levels of kata, breaking a bunch of stuff, and sharing personal testimonies. We also talked about how important it is to have God’s Word at the center of many areas of our lives, and the importance of being able to escape both physically, and taking the way of escape that God promises us in 1 Cor. 10:13. Several students responded at the invitation and it was an amazing opportunity to watch God work in their lives!

Liberty2  Liberty3  Liberty4

Welcome to our NEW website!


It started just over a year ago when my daughter Kari started talking to me about creating a new website. Our previous one had served us well and was actually one that Andrew Colson had put together and surprised me with in October of 1999. Well, times change and so we started talking about something new. I met with Ben Wood who got us started and set up the development site and basic structure so Kari could get to work. I hope you’ll agree she’s done an amazing job giving us a site that is easy to find your way around, and pleasing to look at too! (Thanks Kari!) Ben and Jason Rousett came to class one evening and snapped some photos for us to use, including my favorite which is the home page photo – I think that sums up Whole Armor Martial Arts perfectly. We still have some work to do, more photos to take, some to replace (including all the Black Belt ones, so stay tuned for that), and there’s still some of the fancy stuff that we’ll be pulling the trigger on soon too. But for now, I hope you’ll enjoy our new website just as it is as much as I do!

New Advanced Black Belt Ranks!

On May 12th at our Advanced Clinic with my teacher Soke Riedner we also had a Black Belt Exam. Dennis Quarto and Jim Hurley earned their 2nd Degree Black Belts, and Andrew Colson and Tim Merriam earned their 4th Degree Black Belts!


What tremendous honors – congratulations, we’re so proud of you!





Shihan Award: Molly LaFayette

Sensei Awards: Duncan Colson, Marilyn Melhorn, Chuck Kerr