Welcome to Whole Armor Martial Arts! We are an exciting Christian alternative teaching traditional Karate in Vancouver Wa, and offering the amazing physical and character building benefits of martial arts instruction in a safe, dynamic learning environment centered on the Truths from God’s Word in the Bible.

So how can the Bible be the center of a martial arts program? Well, as a martial arts program, we spend a significant amount of time training in the physical skills for a self defense scenario that we hope we will never face. But more importantly, as a Christian martial arts program we train using God’s Word to prepare for the spiritual battles that we know we’re going to face every single day. Sounds great doesn’t it? (Well it really is!)

At Whole Armor Martial Arts ® we practice Shiho Karano Ryu Karate-do, an effective and traditional martial arts style. Our goal is to help our students become Christian Black Belts who will be outstanding members and leaders in their families, their local church, and the community. And it’s a real blessing to say that we’ve seen that happen in lots of lives across a lot of years!

Whole Armor Martial Arts is a certified school through the Christian Black Belt Association and Shiho Karano Ryu. Our Founder and Senior Instructor is Mr. Ron Hagelganz, a 5th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor with over 30 years experience teaching Christian martial arts.

We meet in the gym at Bethel Lutheran Church in Brush Prairie and we would love for you to visit and watch one of our classes anytime! For times and detailed information about our program please see the Class Info page, email or call 360.521.0171