No Worries! Many of our students both young and old alike are out of shape when they start our program. Some haven’t done anything really physical in years! But the good news is that our style of Shiho Karano is a very body friendly style. You work at your own pace without any pressure to keep up with anyone else, and you start out very slowly and carefully. Our Instructors are trained to keep a close eye on every student to make sure that they get a good workout, but don’t over do it.

Often many of our adults start after bringing their kids to class and watching them. After a while they realize that they may as well enjoy the time there too and dive right in with great success.

Ask Questions. Many folks have physical difficulties and are not sure if they can do martial arts. If there is a significant medical problem it’s always a good idea to ask your Doctor for their input, and come and watch a few classes too. Just seeing what goes on will give you a real good idea. And ask questions. Often we can help you modify certain exercises or techniques so you can participate.

We’ve also seen some pretty amazing things happen in people’s lives by participating in our program. Students who have been traumatized and have real problems with social interaction and other difficulties have come out of their shells and become vibrant, active individuals again. Students with significant anger problems have come back to center and find that needed and welcome calm. Others have even been released from various physical or mental therapies as they focus and find significant improvement in those areas. And most importantly, students searching for something worthwhile in their lives find meaning and purpose as they are introduced to Jesus Christ.

So come and check it out, Whole Armor Martial Arts just may be the answer you’ve been waiting for!

If you have any questions to feel free to contact me anytime.

Mr. Ron Hagelganz – Senior Instructor