Anyone who studies the martial arts knows that tradition is an important aspect of what we do. Now granted, there are some who throw tradition out the window in favor of whatever they do, but in reality they are just creating their own tradition for their students to follow too. So no matter how you slice it, tradition is something we all embrace at some level.

Recently we did a drill in class called Gohon Kumite. It’s a very traditional set of techniques that has been used for decades. Very specific movements both during the drill and when changing roles from one student defending to the other. And watching our students train, it reminded me of the tradition and history of what we do in Karate class. These same techniques and movements have been studied and practiced by other students across a lot of years, and it’s somehow inspiring to be following in their footsteps.

Of course many other aspects of our program have a great history too. The kata and etiquette come to mind, and are also very important parts of helping us learn Karate-do in much the same way as the founders taught. Some might say that its time for new ideas and new techniques, but I prefer to rely on the proven path as we train.

If you look at Proverbs 22:28 it reads, “Do not remove the ancient landmark which your fathers have set.” With that in mind, we don’t want to be so quick to toss aside the wisdom that those who have gone before have passed on to us.

And when it comes to our faith life, the proven path of God’s Truth from the Bible is also the only way to train. And just like in the martial arts, there are many who say it’s time for new ideas and new truth. But as we look back we see that people have been saying that for hundreds of years. And while all their “new truth” has come and gone, only the Bible has remained.

So lets all hold fast to those traditions both in our martial arts, and in our faith, that are so rich and meaningful, and let God’s Word guide us along His path to peace.

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  1. James Hurley
    James Hurley says:

    I could not agree more Sensei! I embrace the traditional martial arts and in regards to our faith life, it is very clear what happens to individuals, families, communities and nations when we stray from God’s intended pathways. We are seeing the chaos and morale decay all across America because too many people have selected there own way of doing things instead of embracing the traditions handed down to us from the Creator!

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