Make Up Classes

While we hope you will always be able to attend your regular class, we also realize that sometimes things do come up and you will need to miss. Here are some guidelines for using our Make Up Class program:

* Each student can request one make up class each calendar month. Make up classes will be assigned by the use of “Make Up Cards”, which will be required to attend a different class then your normal one.

* A student must be in good standing with all class fees paid and current before requesting a make up card.

* Make up cards can be requested in person at your regular class, or any other class.

* Please do not call or email and ask for a make up class.

* Make up cards must be requested prior to the class you would like to attend. (in other words, you can not miss your class, then show up unscheduled at another class and ask to attend it as your make up)

* If you are sick and forced to miss a class without notice, you may request a make up card at your next regular class.

So for example if you attend the  Friday afternoon class and miss, you could stop by before or after class on Monday and ask for a make up card to attend the next Thursday class.

* You may request a specific class to attend as your make up class, however depending on a variety of factors, the Sensei can determine at any time which classes are available for make ups, and which are closed, and will let you know the options at the time of your request.

* Make up cards can only be used for the assigned class that is written on your card. If something comes up and you can not attend that class you forfeit your make up class for that month.

* Make up cards are not transferable – each student must request and use their own card.

* You may not build up extra make up classes by not using one during a month. We hope you will attend your regular class all the time – the make up class is a courtesy that should be used only if really needed.

* We also reserve the right to change or even withdraw the make up class program completely if it is abused, misused or determined to not be in the best interest of our program and/or our students.

If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking here, or call 360.521.0171