Entries by Mr. Ron Hagelganz

New Black Belts!

                      We’re very honored and excited to introduce the newest members of our Black Belt family, who earned Shodan rank last night on 7/28/17: Jonathan Miller Gregg Chastain Pete Muller Congratulations, we’re very proud of you!

New ranks!

          Congratulations to the following students who earned new ranks on 7/24/17 – we’re very proud of you! Natalie Hayes – 3 James Coder – 6 Emily Chastain – 7 David Fitch – 7 Lisa Williams – 7 Andy Masters – 9 Rachel Masters – 9 Emily Masters – 9 Hannah […]

Lots of New Ranks!

              Congratulations to the following students who earned new ranks on 3/31/17! Halen Merrell – 2 Jacob Jenkins – 2 Joshua Potts – 3 Jason Kerr – 5 Heather McKenzie – 5 Joe Bollman – 5 Steven Traphagen – 6 Delaney Bollman – 6 Kyla Muller – 6 Maggie […]

2016 Student of the Year!

We’re very proud to announce the recipient of our 2016 Student of the Year award: Jim Lingeman!                     Other awards given at our All Class Christmas Party were: Heather McKenzie – Shihan Award Maggie Wells – Shihan Award Jacob Jenkins – Sensei Award Alyssa Elliott – Sensei Award Congratulations […]

New Ranks!

More new ranks! Congratulations to the following students who received new ranks on 11/18/16 at Whole Armor Martial Arts!           Pete Muller – 1 Max Cunningham – 2 Alyssa Elliot – 3 Katelynn Hurley – 4 Makana Tubania – 4 Sarah Bollman – 5 Michelle Traphagen – 5 Ethan Oliver – […]

Family Ties

About a year ago one of my relatives had a major health problem that required a very expensive procedure. They set up some kind of online thing to help raise money, and even though we were going through tough times ourselves, I remember being so excited to donate and help. It was a “Family” thing, […]

Black Belt Clinic & Exam with Soke Riedner

We were so blessed to have Soke Riedner with us tonight for a Black Belt Clinic and Exam!             Congratulations to our new Advanced Black Belts! Tammi Neblock – 4th Dan Fernando Perez – 3rd Dan Rick Ferguson – 3rd Dan Tom Ruhe – 3rd Dan Eric Schober – 3rd […]

SIX New Black Belts!

Congratulations to each of these Godly men, who passed their Exam for Black Belt on July 29, 2016. Jim Wilkins-Luton Andrew Carson Trey Wikins-Luton Tim Hurley Clark Bondy Ian Melhorn We’re all VERY proud of you!!!

July 2016 Promotions!

              Congratulations to the following students who passed the test for new ranks on July 28, 2016! Halen Merrell – 3 Jacob Jenkins – 3 Joshua Potts – 4 Heather McKenzie – 6 Jarod McKenzie – 8 Maggie Wells – 8 Melissa Melhorn – 9 Joshua Noelck – 9 […]

7 Times Down, 8 Times Up!

      Every sport or activity from basketball to quilting I suppose, has different sayings and slogans that become part of the inspiration to continue that activity and excel. “Just Do it” from Nike comes to mind, “Go Team Go” and stuff like that. Martial arts is no exception, and there are all kinds […]